The Cottages Skilled Nursing

We all want to live life with dignity, control, and support. As we age, and our needs change, we still want choices. And we still want that homelike environment and loving people around us.

A New Philosophy of Care – In the Spirit and Warmth of Home

At The Grandview at Benefis in Great Falls, Montana, we have a new approach to senior living care. Long gone is the institutional model of nursing homes with their medical, process-driven environment. The Senior Care Cottages turns this old model on its head.

Household Model – Resident-Centered Care – Residents are the Stars

Seniors deserve a lifestyle that feels like home, offers choices that help them stay in control, and one that also offers the customized, high quality 24-hour care they need. Each Cottage has 16 private, fully furnished rooms, their own Country Kitchen and dining room, and a cozy living room with fireplace. Each Cottage has their own care team including skilled nursing, solely dedicated to them.

Very high standards. The staff is very friendly, loving, caring, I love them all. Everyone from housekeepers to sales, to the Director are wonderful. Feels like family. Highly recommend.

Why Not a Nursing Home?

Nursing Homes can be a great asset to many seniors. For years, it was the only choice. We believe the in-home, Skilled Nursing model solves many of the same problems that seniors face when they need assistance. Plus, there is the added feeling of independence when seniors remain in the home, which can be the inspiration needed to live longer and more enriched lives.

Please contact us today for more information on our unique skilled nursing capabilities or to learn more about The Grandview’s Senior Care Cottages.