Independent Senior Living

The Grandview at Benefis in Great Falls, Montana, opened in October, 2013. Our first phase included:

The second phase, senior independent living, is under design and a future date for construction will be set.

The Grandview at Benefis offers the only continuum of care in North Central Montana.

What is Independent Living for Seniors?

Think of it as assisting seniors to live as independently as possible in their own homes and communities. Independent living can simply be any housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors, typically ages 55 and over. There are many benefits to senior independent living:

  • Social – Seniors are more likely to spend time with friends and other community members
  • Spiritual – They are more likely to feel in-touch with their previous lives
  • Financial – You will spend less time needing to care for them or hiring service to assist them if they can function mostly independently
  • Mental – Living independently allows seniors to continue pursuing their interests in hobbies, helping to keep their minds sharper for longer.

Senior Independent Living Activities

Senior independent living communities can also offer a broad range of intellectual, physical and social activities to enhance lives. Done alone or as a group, they help keep seniors’ minds sharp and reduce the risk of isolation and losing interest in activities with others. Socialization and hobbies are important elements in keeping one’s mind healthy and sharp for longer as we age.­­

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a tour, or discuss how we can help, please contact the Grandview at Benefis today.