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No one wants to feel as though they can no longer care for themselves. But with aging, it’s natural for some aspects of daily living to become more and more difficult – even dangerous if one attempts to do it entirely on his or her own. And, as the caregiver, you don’t want to feel as though you can no longer care for your loved one on your own.

The Timbers Assisted Living Facility can provide a wonderful solution that addresses healthcare concerns while maintaining all the dignity and freedom that an independent lifestyle offers.

Though natural, when it happens to a loved one in your life, it can be very difficult to transition from an independent adult to one who must have assisted care every day. The transition will likely affect you as well, especially if they have been living with you for some time now. There is only so much that you can do for your loved one while also juggling the other demands of your family and life.

It’s perhaps the most challenging experience – realizing that you or a loved one needs a bit more support with the daily activities of living, whatever that might be. We understand the concern you feel and the questions you have as you begin to navigate this time in your life. We can help answer all your questions about assisted living and guide you throughout the process with a range of options and services that support both families and loved ones.

The Timbers offers some of the most beautiful assisted living facilities in the state of Montana together with world-class senior living care.

Tailored Lifestyle – Tailored Healthcare

At The Grandview, we believe your lifestyle shouldn’t change just because your needs do. We know seniors want independence – and that means freedom to schedule your day, choices to personalize your lifestyle, and opportunities for a vibrant social life.

We also know how important it is to have qualified, caring staff nearby when you need them the most. The Timbers Assisted Living Facilities is Great Falls premier senior living community with all the amenities and wonderful staff your loved ones deserve.

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No two people are alike, so we go to great lengths to help them tailor the lifestyle they want.
Sue WarrenDirector of Nursing